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BLOK Podsused

Peto kolo pete sezone BLOK lige održat će se ove subote 22.2.2014 u 12:00 sati u Podsusedu, u sportskoj dvorani Sutinska vrela. Smjerove postavljaju Ana Previšić i Marwan Zeitoun – očekujte 14 odličnih “podsusedskih” problema.

Bit će jako zanimljivo pogledati rasplete u svim kategorijama uoči finala u Varaždinu.

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  1. TYVM you’ve solved all my problems

  2. Tracked back to my Blog It seems like yesterday when we first read this. Bluto found it first on our old forum if I remember correctly. I think it reads more like prophecy than an editorial myself.

  3. Shimkus was upset that he ranked no higher than fourth on the insane US Representatives list—well behind your Michele Bachman.By the way, Shimkus’ own website backs most of the same things on the president’s energy plan. Saying one thing, then attacking it when someone else says the same things, is one of those pesky definitions of insanity, I’d say.

  4. 2 9-7-12Lulutz96 spune: Poi bibaie continuuu.Dar chestia e k acu merge si din greseala.Umblasem prin el sa incerc dak iar merge si il aprinsese sora mea si ciudat dar a mers, dar acu imi e frika sa il mai mut sau sa ii pun carcasa de metal inapoi k poate iar incepe sa urle.Sa-ti explic cu beep-urile astea:1 dureaza km 4 sec si se opreste 2 sec si iar incepe si contiunua pana il sting +2V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

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  6. I agree with Julie -- we should not claim that we are the guardians of reputation -- we should however support the organisation in delivering it. I suggest we should start at the top by coaching those who lead an organisation. That means listening to and understanding them and what they are trying to achieve. Some are confused and resort to corporate-speak to hide their confusion -- we need to unravel that!

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